Jordan: Wadi Musa/Petra (Little Petra)

When you mention you are going to Jordan everyone immediately pictures Petra. Of course we wanted to visit it but knowing it was a little out of the way of our itinerary, and that to see it properly would really need an overnight stay, we weren’t sure whether we would make it. Also we had found out that prices for tourists were massively higher than for locals or residents. Our friends suddenly remembered the lesser known Little Petra. Part of the same massive complex, but free, doable in an afternoon and not overrun by tourists!

This was starting to become the sort of trip where every day was filled with astounding sites, and it was hard to not walk around with your mouth hung upon. Driving through the amazing landscape we just had to stop as one view was possibly the most astounding I had seen anywhere. Driving through Wadi Musa we passed the hectic turning towards Petra itself, and carried on slightly further to our lesser known destination.

Even down to the narrow pathway leading into it, this was Petra in a nut shell. Other than a small tour group we had the place to ourselves. The rock-cut architecture was simply stunning and I think the photos do the talking this time round. Shhh don’t tell everyone about it!

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