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Yesterday I was involved in a charity body combat event. A PT friend of mine had helped set it up after the success of a previous event. It was to raise money for Hope for Children, the charity that I am raising money for and I was really pleased that we raised the great total of £245!

It was for 3 hours so it was all about pacing yourself, as one hour of body combat can be pretty intense. Of course it was not compulsory to do it continuously, but for me I was also using it as good endurance training for my next 100km event also in aid of HOPE.

I don’t wear a watch in events like this and try to listen to my body. You can tell when the first hour is nearly done as it feels like a normal class. The endorphins kick in and you carry on, on a bit of a high. It becomes quite a roller coaster as the various tracks attack different parts of y our body with 100s of punches and kicks etc. You feel like your kegs are losing energy and push on through feeling like you want to stop, then you are focusing on something else which gives the legs a break. It is great mind training for endurance and I can certainly feel it today. Thanks to everyone involved!

Time to start tapering as there are less than 2 weeks till the Thames Path 100km, so time for so much needed tapering and rest. After that I want to start running more so maybe I can run some of these events in the future.

For more info or to kindly sponsor please see:

Over the weekend I took part in a charity body combat-athon to help raise funds for a local Hospice. Organised by an instructor whose Kardio box classes I have enjoyed in the past, I knew it would be fun and challenging.

I often look for different ways to practice my Kung Fu and add variety to training. In body combat classes you can do many hundreds of punches and kicks per hour which I would probably find it hard to practice otherwise.

Also it would be a great test of endurance, as I know how I tired I can feel after an hour session, so I would have to pace myself with 3 hours made up of:

1 x upper body warm up track
1 x lower body warm up track
30 x combat tracks!!!
1 x warm down track

It was such an enjoyable event and the energy from 60-70+  people going for it and shouting along was such a buzz. Other than quick water breaks between each track I did the whole session. Towards the 2.5 hour mark I was feeling like taking a break as I saw people sat outside cooling off as it was really hot in the hall, but each time the next track started I pushed on and was very pleased to complete it. A brilliant and testing workout with the benefit of raising money for a great cause too.

Any Eastbourne people really should check out the classes on:

To find out more about St Wilfrid’s Hospice or to donate please visit: 

After Tuesdays blustery walk I felt pretty tired and decided to not do Kung Fu and rest ready to go back to work. So on Wednesday at the gym I did some upper body weights rocking the free weights as much as possible but it was very busy. After it was my Chi Kung lesson and I asked the instructor about a slight lump I have on my ankle since the 100km and she recommended soaking it in Dead Sea Salt which I had never heard of!

Today I did 15 minutes on the cross-trainer followed by an hour Body Combat class. Bam!!! Had forgotten how intense that can be but so fun. It was great to feel that I still had a good base fitness and could push myself, but after quite an intense week a rest day will be very welcome tomorrow. Afterward I did as my Chi Kung instructor suggested and soaked my feet in water with Dead Sea Salt. It sure was relaxing and we shall see if it helps my feet did feel quite tingly and fingers crossed it will help my ankle.

Feeling blasted after Body Combat tonight. First time I had added it into the mix of my weeks training. The last time, I remember feeling drained halfway through and starting to struggle.

All my walking has really improved my endurance. After the first power track I was barely out of breath and it surprised me. I was ready to carry straight on.

It was a great realisation in the improvement of my fitness, and I worked harder than ever before. What’s the point if you don’t push yourself harder, you’ll never reach your goals!

I was booked into a Body Combat class this evening. Work had been very busy and other than a brief stroll at lunch I had worked through on some private design. On the way to the station feeling tired I was toying with the idea of going home and resting. After missing yesterday evenings session it was a bit of a mental battle.

Sitting in the car in the gym car park thinking of the people that had sponsored me so far, and the article about the trek that had just gone into the paper. Also about how hard it would be on the day. A phrase came into my head from somewhere. “There is no giving up!”

I marched into the gym and gave it all I could until I was exhausted. After a jacuzzi I felt exhilarated and much better. Fingers crossed after a good nights rest I still feel as good. I need to. I have a 2 hour Kung Fu class on Saturday and and 18 mile (29km) walk on Sunday!

Well tonight was a Body Combat class. The time of the class means after leaving work I always get there in time for a 30 minute workout first. I opted for an incline treadmill session to warm up and make the most of my time. I always love Body Combat. You get out of it what you put in, and after the first warm up track on top of the treadmill I was barely out of breath. It spurred me on that all the training and walking is paying off, so I really pushed it!

The instructor had said we were doing 10 tracks instead of 11. This doesn’t mean less work but more longer power tracks. We did so many squats, lunges, kicks, punches and more that I couldn’t possibly count. For the final track the lights were turned out and we jab punched faster and faster until you were close to being sick. Afterwards it felt so good knowing I could push it harder than before. The tired feeling post workout is the best. Even better was possibly glimpsing a bit of abs in the changing rooms, after all I have tightened my belt 4 notches!

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